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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This pic is hot because it gives you two choices of an orange gloss you can wear. The top lip is a deep red orange and the bottom is a true orange. I personally like to wear my orange lips extra glossy because it's soooo sexy! For my mocha beauties, don't be scurrrrrred, go out to your favorite makeup counter or go to several and try a few. I know you will find one!

The orange lip is one of the hardest colors to wear because it's referred to a lot of times as the "old lady look". But with the proper choosing of color it is just as Fierce and Fabulous as wearing red. I'm not going to list a long line of companies to try because everyone has their favorite and most cosmetic lines have a pretty orange lipstick or gloss for you to try. What I will do is give advice on how to wear the orange lip. The best way to wear it is to keep it rich, deep and with shine. Or the other extreme is deep, rich and matte. There is a MAC color called So Chaud which is a vibrant, matte color that speaks boldly to everyone it comes in contact with. Givenchy, Chanel and YSL are also known for their beautiful and vibrant reds and oranges as well.

For fair skin girls, or guys, (hey who am I to judge) you can pretty much get a way with any type of orange tone. You can do soft peachy oranges as well as a dark red orange. For darker skin or mocha girls or guys like myself, we look best in deep, red oranges with tons of pigment. I like to layer a clear gloss over my orange lipstick because the gloss makes the pigment stronger and richer. Here are just a few suggestions and looks on how you can rock that orange lip.

MAC DARE TO WEAR COLLECTION IN "SO BAD"! Don't even play with this unless you are ready to knock him off of his feet with this ridiculously, gorgeous, deep red number. You have to try it and you only need a touch. You can add a clear gloss on top just to give it an even more glossy and sexy finish.
MAC WIND ME UP COLLECTION IN DIRTY BRONZE. I would rock this color all day long. You don't have to always go with a true orange, but an orange, bronze is just as pretty. A a clear gloss on top just to make it even sexier. You have to visit the MAC counter and try this. Chestnut pencil by MAC or Chocolate pencil by Bobbi Brown would be great with this gloss. Just make sure you blend your pencil.

GIVENCHY LIP GLOSS IN POP ORANGE! THIS IS JUST TOO FIERCE FOR WORDS! No matter what your skin tone is, you will look great in this shade. You can layer it over a deep, orange red lipstick or add a rich chocolate pencil (smudged, no hard lines) and layer this color on top. This model is wearing a color very similar and she looks gorgeous!

L'Oreal LIP GLOSS IN MELON PUNCH can be worn alone or layered on top of a beautiful red orange lipstick or pencil. Gorgeous on anyone!

LANCOME JUICY GELEE IN ORANGE BLAST! This model is sporting a peach, orange lip which is very pretty especially if you add a lip gloss or lip gelee like the Lancome one shown above. Lancome also has a JUICY lip gloss line with tons of great colors and a very hot orange.


  1. Great post! I cut all my hair off and have been threatening to wear fuschia and orange as my "summer look". Well summer is almost over and I haven't done it once! As a mua, this should not even be a fear but just scared I can't pull it off and be judged as a bad mua. I think you've inspired me (even past the few weeks we have left in summer). THANKS!

  2. love the first picture. it's so hot!

  3. Hi there, can you please remove the picture of the L'Oreal lipgloss, as it was taken from my blog without permission. I will report your page to Google and have them removed it if you are too busy to do so. Thanks.

  4. I love it I think I'm going to go out be bold enough to wear orange!