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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I did my nieces makeup for her prom and I smoked out her beautiful eyes using turquoise eyeshadow mixed with a rich navy in the crease and lash line. It's hard to believe how fast our kids are growing up but auntie Val had to come through for Ashari.
You can never go wrong with a HOT and SEXY turquoise shoe and of course YSL never disappoints with there eyeshadow pallets. With this pallet you can use the turquoise on the lids with the navy or purple in the crease and also use those rich colors as eyeliner by smudging it into the lash line. The brown can be used as a crease color as well while using the turquoise on the eyelids. The light yellow shimmer is pretty on the brow bone and swept on the upper cheek bone for a nice high light.

Turquoise has always been a very popular color that can be worn all year round. It's great in the Spring and summer with white linen and in the winter with chocolates and rich oranges. Worn as an eyeshadow you can rock this look with gold shimmer on the brow bone or smoke it out with a deep navy or black eyeliner smudged in the lash line. These images designed by very talented makeup artists, show very creative ways to wear turquoise eyeshadow on different skintones and it's all Fabulous. See if you can emulate these looks and remember, you can never go wrong by using turquoise as an eyeliner with 2-3 coats of mascara.