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Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Glossy eyeshadows is such a fierce look even if it's not the most friendly to wear. It does move all over the place but if you're doing any type of photography with these hot looks, it works extremely well. To achieve these looks you can use a clear lip gloss if your eyes aren't super sensitive, baby oil Gel not the liquid or MAC has a product called Gloss, which is designed to turn powder shadows to a liquid. Check your local MAC store to see if they still make this product. Rosebud makes a great sheer gloss which will work as well. You can use cream liner or cream shadow and mix with your gloss, using a synthetic brush and carefully slide or pat gently along the eyelids. If you're not a pro, you can always have this look done by an artist from MAC, Stila, Urban Decay or Smashbox. These company's have artist who are very trained in doing cool, avante garde looks such as these. It's also a great look for going out on the town on a hot Saturday night. Have fun and keep me posted!



MAKEUP BY VAL! I used Esspresso eyeshadow and Blunt blush
by MAC in Oprah's brows.

Eyebrows can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I still see eyebrows that either look very drag queen, which is overdrawn and too dark with an exaggerated arch, or too thin and washed out. If you're unsure as to how your brows should look, seek a professional in a reputable salon. In the L.A. area Anastasia and Damone Roberts are two of the leading eyebrow specialists in the entertainment industry, however, the price tag ain't cheap, but worth every penny. There are many salons that do an excellent job in sculpting the perfect brow, so it's best to ask around and find out who does the best job in your hood. If your brows need an overhaul, the best thing to do is let them grow back in for a full two months with out tweezing or waxing. You're literally starting from scratch, however, continue to fill them in with either a soft brown pencil or brow powder with an angle brush to keep them looking fresh. After they've grown back, then have them done professionally and continue to see your technician every two weeks. If money is an issue, ask her to show you how to maintain your brows properly between visits. Cheers!!