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Monday, August 2, 2010


I couldn't be more proud and excited to post this blog for an amazing artist and friend that I've known since 1992. From our early days at MAC cosmetics in the Beverly Center where I was Tarina's store manager, we watched Tarina begin her journey as a barrett and jewelry designer of cool skulls and sparkle crystal rings. Now she's accomplished, yet still striving to bring you great jewelry and now has added a new cosmetic line to her empire. Her husband Alfonso, has to take a great deal of credit for the exposure of Tarina's line becoming the success it is today. It was his vision and belief in Tarina, that her jewelry would be a success. They worked endless hours right from their apartment in L.A. creating and making gorgeous pieces. (Boy, do I remember those days). Alfonso shared with me how he paved the ground shopping Tarina's designs and was turned down by a number of boutiques and not so nicely I might add. But they kept the fight and the faith and now Tarina is a household name for millions of women of all ages, who love adorning themselves in her creative and fashionable jewelry and accessories. Tarina is also a household name amongst Hollywood's biggest A list celebrities.
Tarina is located in 3 locations, with the addresses listed above, or you can visit her website at www.tarinatarantino.com. Her cosmetic line is sold at Sephora or visit there website at www.sephora.com.


So I had the pleasure of spending the day with Tarina recently in her beautiful lofts where all the magic is made creating her beautiful jewelry. I was overwhelmed with all of the millions of gorgeous beads and crystals that are stocked and placed neatly and strategically. I can only imagine what goes on in that pretty little pink head of hers as she creates new designs for an upcoming season, then takes it to her staff and they help put it all together. She has a dedicated team who works very hard to make sure we look FABULOUS!

Now Tarina has created her own cosmetic line and I must say, much LOVE and thought as gone into every piece. I love everything that you see below and they have become some of Val's fav's. The packaging is incredibly beautiful and strikes up major conversation in the makeup room on the television sets I work on. Such pretty and feminine packaging are guaranteed to turn heads when you pop it open at your favorite restaurant to check your flawless makeup.
Tarina definitely kept in mind the importance of High Definition television when creating her products. The pigments are strong and great for ANY skin tone and the ingredients are of the highest quality.
PURE SPARKLICITY $19. A sheer loose pigment powder that gives a high luminous glow to the skin. You can use over eyeshadow, blush or bronzer or wear alone.

REVOLUTION BRUSH SET $69. These brushes are both natural and synthetic and definitely high performance. Not tested on animals.
CONDITIONING LIP SHEEN. These beautiful shades come in about 12 gorgeous colors and feels sooo good on the lips. It conditions your lips as well as keeping them looking sexy.
KAPINKI BRUSH very similar to a kabuki brush made with natural bristles. Great for buffing out your powder and gives a flawless finish.
GEM GLOSS comes in about 12 beautiful shades and honey, these glosses are HOT!! It also has a high shine but not sticky feeling at all. They are long wearing and look amazing on camera. LOVE THESE!
EYE DREAM HYPER SHADOW. Tarina left no stone unturned when creating these little beauties. The shadows have so much pigment you only need to use a little at a time. They work great as eyeliner over her eye pencils as well. They come in about 24 gorgeous shades.
EYE DREAM HYPER LINER $17. Comes in about 12 shades of full pigmented, smudge proof, long wearing shades. They also glide on very smoothly.
DOLLFACE MICRONIZED POWDER. This powder comes in about 5 shades and it's sheer texture builds very nicely. It's designed for High Def television and I've seen first hand how beautiful it looks on camera as well as in every day street wear.
DOLLFACE BLUSH. Again Tarina created beautiful blushes from soft rose to warm bronze tones. These shades have micronized powders which gives it it's sheer texture, yet the pigments are very strong. Simply beautiful!
FLEUR DE LASH MASCARA $19. I love this product and Tarina put much thought into creating this buildable, thickening and lengthening mascara. It also conditions the lashes, never clumping or hardening.
EYE DREAM CREAM SHADOW/LINER. This highly pigmented, fast drying cream is wonderful for using alone or layering with a powder shadow on top. It also comes in a few shades for your enjoyment. It builds nicely on the lids and it doesn't crease or smudge.

Tarina does not test her products on animals.

Congratulations Tarina on all of your success. I look forward to seeing what great new things are in store for us. Check her out everyone and enjoy!