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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well it is definitely summer and the heat is not being sensitive at all to those of us who wear makeup. I hear ladies complaining all the time about their foundation not staying on, their eyeshadow is creasing and even eyebrows sliding right off of their faces. Well, as you can see in my pics, I am a minimalist when it comes to foundation. These pictures were taken in winter and in L.A. that means nothing when it comes to heat. It was a very warm day, and the only thing that kept me intact was the breeze we had from the ocean. I didn't even bother filling in my brows until we changed clothes and did more formal shots because of the heat. Sometimes less is more and summer is the time to do less with your makeup. Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself how much foundation and powder do you REALLY need.

If you must wear foundation because your skin tone may be a bit uneven, try MAC FACE AND BODY foundation sold only in the MAC stores or online at www.maccosmetics.com for about 28.00. Always use a primer before applying your foundation to help it maintain it's wear. Another option is to take the liquid foundation you're already using and add a couple of drops of moisturizer in it to thin it out a bit, but you'll still get a nice finish to even out your skintone. I have dark circles, but NEVER wear foundation, so I use MAC FULL COVERAGE that matches my skin tone under my eyes, and then set it with a very sheer bronzer about a shade lighter than my skin tone to give my complexion a nice highlight in the T zone.

Tinted moisturizers are another great option. They're very sheer but you can build or layer it to give you extra coverage. How to you build it? Lay down one layer, let it sit for about a minute to dry a bit, then add another layer. Add concealer in those imperfect areas for added coverage. Set with a loose powder or bronzer. You will still look natural, yet even.

Use blotting papers or MAC's blot powder to avoid a caked on look because of excessive powdering throughout the day.

If your eyeshadows are not lasting there are two that I know work well. Makeup Forever water proof eyeshadows and Tarina Tarantino water proof cream shadow. You can use a powder eyeshadow on top of your cream shadows that's close to it's color. This will hold your shadow intact for a longer period of time. Also water proof eye pencils are also a great option and they come in fun colors as well. Again you can set your pencils with an eyeshadow by layering it on top. Makeup Forever makes beautiful waterproof pencils. Makeup Forever and Tarina Tarantino is sold in Sephora.

The bottom line is heat is heat and there is no magical cure to keeping your makeup from sliding so I say again, less is more and let your skin GLOW!