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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Danielle from America's Top Model looking fresh and natural

Jennifer Aniston is always glowing and never overly done!

Jane Fonda is a timeless beauty always looking flawless

Halle Berry is bronzed and natural with clean makeup

I love Debbie Morgan and she's always fresh faced and pretty

How much foundation do you really need?

Well my gorgeous ladies, let's talk foundation application. I'm a big fan of foundation eventhough I don't wear it myself, unless I'm working on camera. I do however, wear concealer to cover the dark circles under my eyes, but the feel of foundation on my skin is quite uncomfortable and I haven't worn it in years. I am blessed to have pretty clear skin, but such isn't always the case for everyone. However, even if you have an uneven skintone, there is still no reason to over use foundation. Foundation whether liquid, cream or powder is designed to even out your complexion and a few flaws and is to be kept as natural looking as possible. I like to use liquid foundation on my clients, followed by a concealer or cream foundation to give extra coverage only in areas that may need it. Why liquid as opposed to powder or cream? Because liquid foundation usually gives great coverage by itself, is builadable and it absorbs into the skin very nicely leaving a natural finish. Concealer is designed to cover any scars, blemishes or dark circles and is to be used on those specific areas. If you're a fan of cream foundation, that's fine, just try thinning it out a bit with a wet sponge or mix it with your moisturizer so it doesn't go on too heavy. Cream foundations are great for camera and photography. The finish is quite flawless, however, it should be used sparingly.
Powder foundation is normally designed for normal to oily skin, and should ALWAYS be used after a moisturizer, no matter the skin type. Powder foundation leaves a very matte finish and can also be used on top of liquid for extra coverage, however, use a large powder brush to set. For touch ups throughout the day, use a very translucent powder (MAC blot powder). Avoid using powder foundation around the eye area because it will accentuate any fine lines. Use a loose powder to set concealer around the eye area.
You can age yourself as much as 7 years when you wear too much foundation and powder. Again, if you have scars, birthmarks, rosacia, or dark circles under the eyes, use a liquid foundation first, (this automatically evens out the skin) then follow with a concealer only on the imperfected area. Using a concealer brush or even your ring finger is best for excellent coverage, patting it onto the skin. Always set your foundation with loose powder to keep your foundation looking natural.

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