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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


DUO WHITE GLUE goes on white but dries clear without any trace of glue residue. Apply cream or liquid liner in your favorite color after applying lashes.
DUO GLUE IN BLACK! great if you are not the best in applying lash glue, because it is black and more forgiving. You don't have to necessarily use a thick eyeliner when using the black glue because it gives the illusion of eyeliner. I suggest this glue for everyday where unless you're allergic to latex, then you may want to try the Ardell brand sold at CVS.
Individual lashes are very popular these days and are one of the most natural ways to wear lashes. They're not easy applying on yourself and that's why a lot of women have them applied professionally and can be worn up to 3 weeks. You can wear individual lashes on a daily basis by applying DUO lash adhesive which is waterproof but can be removed at the end of the day.
I'm not a fan of the semi permanent lashes that are done in the salon's because the negative effect they have on your own natural lash. In a lot of the salon's some of the lash technician are using hair bonding glue which is a big NO NO!! Always ask the technician what type of glue she's using and ask to see the bottle. Think of your lashes like the hair on your head. If hair bonding glue is dangerous for your hair, imagine what it can do to your lashes.

Another thing to keep in mind when getting individual lashes, is that if you're going to get the longer, fuller lashes applied, think about how you will look on days when you're wearing minimal makeup. Think about how you look in the gym with super long lashes and no makeup. Not a very good look. Also, think about how you look when the long lashes begin to fall out, they usually fall out from the middle, leaving a huge gaping hole in the middle of your lash line. Nothing worse than seeing a gash between super long lashes. The shorter lashes are less obvious and more natural looking when they begin to fall out. You can usually camouflage this mishap by apply mascara to your own lash and the blend will be much better.
Here are great lash options for natural and dramatic wear. However, I suggest wearing lashes only for the day, and then remove them before bedtime. Most lashes can be worn several times, so make sure you remove the lash glue from the lash band and place back in the holder for another time. To remove your lashes, never rip across, but gently pull down, starting from the outside in.
MAC #4 LASH very natural and one of their most popular lashes. Great for everyday wear. You can always add mascara to build your lashes for a fuller look!

MAC #6 LASHES for a more dramatic look. Great for stage or avante garde photography and runway or a hot night on the town.

I LOVE these lashes and they are also very nice for daily wear. Red Cherry lashes are usually sold in the neighborhood beauty supply houses for around $2. www.redcherry.com

RED CHERRY HALF LASH is so cute for that Marilyn Monroe effect. This lash is worn on the outer corner and elongates the eye to look very sexy and sultry.
SHU UEMURA LUXE LASH around $20. These are the lashes I use on Oprah. Very full and great for larger eyes and can be worn several times. For $20, you need to take care of your lashes by removing the adhesive off the the lash line and replace in the container. www.shueumura.com
JANET JACKSON always brings it with beautiful hair and makeup. I love these lashes on her because they compliment her eyes.

A great example of the HALF LASH worn on the outer corner of the eyes.
A full lash is perfect for larger eyes or when you're wearing dramatic makeup. A large lash is not so hot if you're wearing minimal makeup because it draws too much attention to the lash and not your eyes.
Queen Latifah sporting a natural lash with soft, pretty makeup. This is how your lashes should look when wearing minimal makeup.


On Shaun I used the Ardell Lashes #110 sold at CVS or Walgreens. They're perfect for daytime or you can add mascara and take them to another level.

Now here is where a full lash is completely acceptable. The smokey eye usually calls for a nice, full lash however, it's not mandatory and you can also use a smaller lash. Make sure if you have small eyes you use a smaller lash. Notice the size of her eyes, therefore she can sport a longer, fuller lash.