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Monday, July 5, 2010


When I got the job working with Ms. Oprah Winfrey, I had already put in over 17 years in the business and had worked with a number of celebrities. That was in 2007 and she remains on my client roster along with Gayle King. The hardest part about starting the job with Ms. Winfrey is that she was already a household name and it was a small challenge keeping the television personality, "Oprah" separate from her then being my boss, Ms. Winfrey. First names are not an option unless they approve of such, even then ease your way into the new position. Don't become too friendly and familiar.

One thing I've learned working in the entertainment business is that before you develop a friendship, you need to develop a trusting and professional relationship. You may be required to sign confidentiality agreements by A list celebrities to keep their personal business out of the media and out of your mouth. They are trusting you to come to work and simply do your job, making them feel and look their very best. The moment you start revealing their personal information to your family and friends, you are putting your job at risk. Look at their lives the same way you look at your own and treat them the same way you want to be treated, with respect. Respect their privacy and their personal space. Don't ask ANY questions that are personal or talk about anything you've read in the media. I've seen so many hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists lose their jobs because they've divulged information to the wrong people. Once again, keep it Professional!

Watch your clients very closely and pay attention to detail. Pay attention to their moods, and always give them their space. Pay attention to how other professionals in their circle treat them, such as assistants, etc. You're most likely to see the utmost professional conduct and pattern your walk after theirs. If you're unsure, please ask someone to give you guidance. Get books that teach you how to conduct yourself around the Rich and Famous. Professional conduct may come natural to some, but not to everyone.

If you're invited to a celebrities home for the first time, trust and believe you're being watched. Don't ask for ANYTHING! Heck, bring your own water and if you must, you may use their bathroom. Don't make yourself at home or ask questions about anything in their home. Don't walk around picking up pictures of other celebrities or peering through ANYTHING! A simple compliment will suffice, because you know the home will be gorgeous! Believe it or not, this conversation has to be discussed!

Remember, hairstylists and makeup artists are still the best listeners and gossipers in the biz. The Talent love the hair and makeup room because it is where all the juice and dirt is discussed, you hear all kinds of gossip and a lot of venting, however, your job is to keep your mouth shut and don't engage...AT ALL!

When you get hired to work with clients it's because something in your personality has made them feel comfortable and at ease. They feel relaxed with your touch and with that, they begin to trust you. Your JOB is to make sure you keep them feeling trusting and respected and NOT take advantage of it. Don't initiate conversations that will cause them to become suspicious of your inquiries. In other words, just simply listen and if it gets too personal, don't become like an FBI agent or news reporter and soak up as much information as you can, just so you can say you KNOW them. It's even OK to inform your client that you're not comfortable discussing their personal business out of respect for their privacy, when in actuality you're protecting yourself. You can believe that if they tell you, they're telling someone else and if the information leaks, it could be on you even if you didn't say a word. PROTECT YOURSELF!

Friendships will be developed with your clients after you have endured a long relationship with them but this can take several years. So, don't become overly anxious to get too close and become their buddies. You have your friends and they have theirs. Know your ROLE!


  1. I love this post!! Thanks so much for all the attention to detail. Stuff you would normally think it's ok to do with a client is completely different with a celeb! Awesome, can't wait for more info about the biz! Love the blog by the way :)

  2. Thank you Maria! Looking for to being of service!

  3. I think this is a fabulous post. So precise and wise!! I worked for a time in makeup and if I ever go back to it... well printing it out for reference. Actually the points you make would do well to practice in all professions. Engaging in gossip and forgetting why you are there always reflects badly. In the public eye you are always being watched and assessed. Thank you for a good reminder!
    New Zealand

  4. Thank you Kathleen for the words of encouragement. Keep the word going and best wishes to you. Stay tuned for more great blogs!

  5. This was very insightful!!!! I would love to work for essence mag doing hair for their photo shoots!! I would love to know how you got the door opened? If I should look for certain avenues/window/doors to go down, look through, and open up!! Def understand professional protocol! If you have any more to say on this feel free to email me at harris.jamila@gmail.com. I really wanna make it big in the beauty industry! Hair is my passion. right know I have a license in Indiana while I'm working on my license for Illinois. can't wait to hear from you!
    ~Chicago IL~