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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Black Barbie started as someone's dream, then she became a reality because someone dared to JUMP!

When I was 6 years old, I took swimming lessons at Compton College and I had so much fun. I remember the first month we learned all the basics for survival. Holding your breath, floating, kicking and backstroke. Then, it was time to go to the NEXT LEVEL, the Diving Board! Well, the day came and all of children marched over to the diving board where there were two, a low diving board and a high one, that to a five year old looked like you were jumping from a cloud. We of course had to jump off of the low board. All the children went and then, it was my turn. I climbed on that board, walked to the edge, looked at the water, then at my teacher who was in the water waiting to catch me, then back to the water that looked endless and most frightening. I cried and said I couldn't do it. I must have stood there for what seemed like an hour, frightened out of my mind. I would not jump. I did not jump.

Well, at age 12 I finally jumped off that diving board into the swimming pool at my dad's house. I conquered the fear of the diving board but as life went on, there were times when I wanted to jump to the next level, but fear held me back. Faith and Fear, eventhough the complete opposite of each other, can sometimes work well together. FEAR creates the desire to conquer and once you conquer your fears, faith kicks in, takes over and moves you to the next level, kicking fear in the butt!

Some of you are trying to go to the next level in your careers. Whether you're hair, makeup, wardrobe, or an actor, model, banker or teacher, we're all striving to reach a goal which moves us upward. During this journey, I'm learning patience is the golden key. Make no moves without prayer and make peace with your inner spirit. If you're a believer, then you know that God has to move ahead of you to clear the path of anyone in your way who may want to hurt or harm you. He opens doors that you will never dream you ever deserved. People ask me all the time, where do you go after working with Oprah, I tell them if God placed me on that level imagine what He can do at the next level. I have to JUMP in order to find out!

Ask God to mold your dreams to fit His will and once you relinquish that control, powerful things begin to happen. Yes, we have to step out on faith and jump off that diving board, and it may not always be a comfortable move, but move anyway. Make that phone call or send that email and let people know you're interested in working with them. The worst they can say is no. But then, you'll have no regrets, you just move on and create something bigger and better for yourself. Whatever you do, dream... then create.


  1. Awesome post. Everyone should read this. Great job, Val. You're such an inspiration! Thanks for all the great knowledge and advice.

  2. you are beyond awesome & awe inspiring...

    and you're from compton! i used to go to the NYSP programs at compton college every summer!!!


  3. Thank you ladies! You inspire me to inspire you! Yes Compton is my roots, even though we moved to Gardena when I was 11 but my church home and a few relatives are still there and I'll always consider it home.